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Dilavarhoussen CASSAM CHENAÏ (1928–2000) Rajabaly SONDARJEE (1906–1979) Akbaraly HASSANALY PIRBAY (1929–1973) Akbaraly GUELAH (1912–1981) Goulamabasse MERALY (1924–1995) Hassanaly NASSOR (1911–1988) Anil MERALLI BALLOU (1953–2005) Issoufaly Hifaz FAZUL CASSAM CHENAÏ (1909–1994) Jeheranekaton AMARSY (1931–2019) Rafikaly DAYA (1951–2021) Rizwoine ISSOUFALY PANDJOU (1962–2021) Goulzaraly kadjee BADOURALY DAYA (1938–1999) Goulbanou ALIBAY JINA (–2019) Abdoul Aly abdali MERALLI BALLOU (1895–1943) Badouraly DAYA (1920–1984) Akbaraly KARIM (1928–2016) Seraly MAHOUMEDHOUSSEN (1940–2000) Azimhoussen AMARSY (1957–2021) Ali AMIRALI WALJI (1998–2022) Akbaraly GUELAH (1912–1981) Mandjee GANDJEE (1885–1960) Goulamabasse ALIBAY LIRA (1912–2000) Hassam JETHA (1908–1978) Sermahamade SERKAMA CASSAMALY (1927–2003) Janmamod AMARSY (1918–1974) Fidahoussen Fazléabasse KASSAMALY (1938–2015) Issoufaly KARIM (1914–1969) Mamodhoussen HIRIDJEE (1914–1999) Amanullah SULEMAN MAWJI (–2021) Sheraly VASRAM (1954–2021) Fathealy  ALIBAY HIRIDJEE (1919–1976) Bashiraly ISMAEL LALDJEE (1956–2021) Akbaraly GUELAH (1912–1981) Reaz Houssen GOULAME ABASSE VALLY (1943–2020) Layla MAWJI (1934–2013) Vallymamode GANGDJEE (1922–2003) Djaffaraly MERALLI BALLOU (1931–1993) Azizaly NATHOO PREMDJEE (1946–1974) Mamode Rafik HASSANALY (1962–2020) Abdallah TAHORA (1919–1986) Roukiabay AMARSY (1924–2015) Djaffaraly GOULAMHOUSSEN DAYA (1934–1988) Inaiataly HASSANALY (1946–2022) Fatma DJANMAMOD (1888–) Houssenaly HIRIDJEE (1923–2012) Koubrabay GOULAMHOUSSEN GUELAH (1923–1991) Mohamedaly VALLY (1911–1993) Sirinebanou AMARSY (1927–1965) Mourad AMARSY (1959–2008)